Specialized Services

GEP is able to support each enterprise with a variety of services to the broader range of occupational health and safety, aiming at the working conditions’ optimization.


The company can undertake the investigation of any kind of work accidents, conduction of autopsies and investigations in buildings, facilities and workplaces, in terms of safety, as well as the development of safety procedures and instructions.


GEP additionally provides services for the inspection and certification of all lifting machines, while it undertakes the procedure of license and registration number issuing in work machinery.


As regards to the electrical installations’ safety, GEP provides services of electrical installation’s inspection to every kind of enterprise, according to the requirements of the Government Gazette Issue No 470 Β’/5-3-04, and issuing of the corresponding inspection protocol. Furthermore, the company provides electrical installations’ thermography services, in order to timely diagnose the exact operation mode of electrical and mechanical equipment.