Safety Engineer - Safety Coordinator

 Safety Engineer

Safety Engineers' services include all the obligations specified in Law 3850/2010, such as consulting in issues related to design, planning, construction and maintenance of facilities, supply of means and equipment, selection and monitoring of personal protective equipment efficiency, as well as arrangement of working and environment. Additionally, the Safety Engineer monitors the safety of facilities and technical means, before operation, and supervises the implementation of the measures related to occupational health and safety accidents' prevention, by correspondingly informing the departments' supervisors and the company's top management.



Safety Engineer's Methology:


The main duties of the Safety Enginner include:


  • Visits at each company's facility based on the corresponding time schedule, which is approved by the Centre of Prevention of Occupational Risk.
  • Inspections in all working positions and areas, in terms of occupational health and safety and prevention of work accidents. The inspections are conducted based on the corresponding occupational health and safety legislation.
  • Identifications of the occupational risk sources and recording of the prevention measures that must be applied for risk monitoring and employees' protection. Based on this information, the Occupational Risk Assessment is conducted aording to the provisions of Law 3850/2010, under GEP responsibility.
  • Suggestion of the required personal protective equipment and supervision of its proper use.
  • Development of safe working execution guidelines and communication of these guidelines to the employees.
  • Supervision of evacuation drills' execution, in order to assess employees' preparedness in case of emergency.
  • After the completion of the inspections, informing of the facilitiy's manager regarding the remarks and suggestion of corretive / improving actions.
  • Recording of the remarks and suggestions in the  facility's Book of Suggestions.


  For the improvement of working conditions, the Safety Engineer:

  • ensures that all employees comply with the occupational health and safey rules and informs them regarding the prevention of the occupational risk involved in their working activities,
  • participates in the development and implementation of the employees' training programs related to occupational health and safety.





  • Prepares the annual schedule of Safety Engineer's and Occupational Doctor's visits. The final visit schedule, which is formed based on the company's suggestions, is submitted to the competent Centre of Prevention of Ocupational Risk, under GEP responsiblility.
  • Undertakes the stamping of the Book of Suggestion by the competent Centre of Prevention of Ocupational Risk.


Health and Safety Coordinator


According to the law article 3 P.D 305/1996 "Minimum safety and health requirements at temporary or mobile constructions sites, in accordance with Directive 92/57/EEC", the project contractor or the project owner shall appoint one or more coordinators for safety and health matters, for any construction site on which more than one contractor is present. This must be done during all stages of project preparation and execution.



The Coordinators for safety and health matters during the project preparation stage:


a. Coordinate the cooperation and implementation of the prevention principles during the designing stage.


b. Draw up, or case to be drawn up, a safety and healthplan setting out the rules applicable to the construction site concerned. 


c. Prepare a file appropriate to the characteristics of the project containing relevant safety and health information to be taken into account during any subsequent works.



The Coordinators for safety and health matters during the project exeution stage:


a. Coordinate implementation of the general principles of prevention and safety when technical and/or organizational aspects are being decided, in order to plan the various items or stages of work which are to take place simultaneously or in succession and when estimating the period required for completing such work or work stages.


b. Coordinate implementation of the relevant provisions in order to ensure that emploees and, if necessary for the protection of workers, self-employed persons apply the principles set out and, where required, follow the safety and health plan.


c.  Make or cause to be made, any adjustments required to the safety and health plan.


d. ΝOrganize, together with the Safety Engineer and the Occupational Doctor, cooperation between employers, including successuve employers on the same site, coordination of their activities with a view to protecting workers and preventing accidents and occupational health hazards and reciprocal information, ensuring that self-employed persons are bought into this process where necessary.


e. Coordinate arrangements to check that the working procedures are being implement correctly.


f. Take the steps necessary to ensure that only authorized persons are allowed onto the construction site.


g. Cooperate with the Safety Enginner/s and the Occupational Doctor/s during the whole project executionand ask for their opinion, whenever deemed necessary.