Quality Policy

The services provided by GEP are characterized by high quality and low cost, thanks to the professionalism and know-how of the company’s associates and the quality assurance that the company implements at every stage of its services. All the above ensure an outstanding result at every project.


GEP aims to provide high quality services through the implementation of a Quality Management System. The Quality Management System includes all these quality-related processes, which can ensure that the products and services provided to the company’s clients correspond not only to their expectations but also to the most up-to-date scientific techniques.

The Quality Management System provides procedures for the following:

  • Meeting the market needs
  • Use of the most up-to-date and technically complete means for the services
  • Constant learning and training of employees in new techniques
  • ΑControl of service's quality during all stages until the project is delivered to the client

GEP has a client-centered spirit and philosophy with a view to be constantly in contact with the client in order to receive all the positive and negative messages concerning its products and services.

Special emphasis is always given on the compliance with all the health and safety measures for the personnel during their working time, no matter what their position is. Moreover, we believe that it is our responsibility to apply the environment protection regulations when and where it is needed.

GEP makes sure that it always respects the Greek and European Legislation concerning its field of services. The Quality Management System of GEP is certified according to EN ΙSO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 10002:2004.


You can see here the company's certificates.


Following the company's quality policy and procedures is an obligation for all people working with GEP.