Occupational Doctor

Occupational Doctor Services include all the obligations specified in  Law 3850/2010, such as periodic preventive examination of employees, development of employees' medical record, assessment of employees' fitness to work in terms of health, implementation of vacination program, contribution to the development of safe work exeution procedures, training and information of employees regarding protection from biological, physical and chemical agents and guidelines for musculosketal diseases' prevention.



Occupational Doctor’s Methodology:

The main duties of the Occupational Doctor include:

  • Visits at each company’s facility based on the corresponding time schedule, which is approved by the Centre of Prevention of Occupational Risk.
  • Inspections in all working positions and areas, in terms of occupational health and safety and prevention of work accidents. The inspections are conducted based on the corresponding occupational health and safety legislation.
  • Preparation or update of each employee’s individual medical record.
  • Issuing of employees’ health certificate.
  • Justification of the need for proper use of personal protective equipment.
  • Investigation of occupational diseases’ causes, analysis and assessment of the investigation results and proposal of measures for the prevention of these diseases.
  • Informing of the employees regarding the management of emergency events that may affect their health
  • Indication of the proper medical examinations and recording of the results in the employee’s medical record.
  • Recording of the remarks and suggestions in the facility’s Book of Suggestions. The facility’s manager takes knowledge of the remarks recorded in the corresponding book.



Additionally, the Safety Engineer takes care of the following:

  • Employees’ training in first aid
  • Medical advice to employees, following corresponding request from employee’s side, during the Occupational Doctor’s scheduled visit
  • General hygiene guidelines to employees, through distribution of electronic or printed material, regarding important health issues, such as heat protection, smoking restriction, healthy diet, SARS, work with display screen units, physical exercise e.tc.
  • Organization of blood donation



  • prepares the annual schedule of Safety Engineer’s and Occupational Doctor’s visits. The final visit schedule, which is formed based on the company’s suggestions, is submitted to the competent Centre of Prevention of Occupational Risk, under GEP responsibility.
  • undertakes the stamping of the Book of Suggestion by the competent Centre of Prevention of Occupational Risk.