First Aid Training

GEP has a very competent group of trainers with long experience in the fields of education, health and safety. GEP executives implement training seminars adapted to the needs of each business, evaluating the specific conditions and taking into account the nature of work and its people. The seminars are based on active learning techniques based on the participants’ involvement.

The First Aid Seminar, as specified by Law 3850/2010 και το P.D. 17/1996, can be carried out in a properly designated area within the client’s facilities or in the seminar room, within GEP facilities. For the needs of the seminar modern audiovisual means are used, while the participants practice the knowledge acquired on a CRP dummy. The First Aid Seminar content is developed in cooperation with each business, focusing on incidents and cases that are likely to be met in the framework of the specific working activity. Similarly, the seminar’s duration is arranged in cooperation with each business, taking into account the seminar’s content.

The training seminars provided by GEP can be covered by LAEK programs (Special Fund for Employment and Vocational Training), created by (OAED 0,45% - Manpower Employment Organization), based on which businesses whose personnel participate in training seminars, can take advantage of 0,45% rate of employer contributions for training seminars within the current year.