GEP has developed training sessions that the employee can attend with the use of distance learning, remotely by using electronic communication (e-learning).

E-learning training programs do not require the physical presence of the trainee in a classroom at a specific time, so workers have the advantage that they can learn the object of their education at their own pace without having to spend much time away from their work. It also gives them the opportunity to review their educational items, whenever the need arises.

On the other side the company is not obliged to have room, audiovisual, and coordinate staff to be delivered simultaneously specific work hours for training.

GEP cooperates with SQ Learn, a specialized company for E-learning programs, developing educational programs in health and safety at work, food safety and environment, which can monitor the worker by means of distance education.

The specific e-learning educational programs are interactive and user-friendly and comprehensive in content.

The student attends the training program that selects, using personal password. The environmental monitoring program is very easy to use and guides the trainee.

Upon completion of the course, the student is evaluated on knowledge obtained through the monitoring system by completing an appropriate test. If the evaluation is successful, receive a certificate of successful attendance.

The program also gives you the opportunity to communicate with the instructor in order to solve questions and to develop further the subject of education.


Visit the site www.hsetraining.gr to see the details on the content and structure of courses. Also you can fill out the inquiry form to contact us to discuss the educational needs of your company and how to access the programs e-learning.