Development of Procedures & Insrtuctions

According to Law 3850/2010 «Ratification of the code of laws on health and safety of employees», Article 48, the employer must ensure that every employee receives adequate training in safety and health, especially under the form of information and instructions in the following cases: a) upon recruitment, b) in case of change of working position or working conditions, c) introduction or change of working equipment, introduction of new technology related to the employee’s working position or working duties.

GEP has developed numerous health and safety instructions, which are distributed, under the form of informative material, to business personnel.


The health and safety instructions cover all the topics and the whole range of occupational hazards. The instructions, which are general in nature, accompany the occupation risk assessment studies, apart from being distributed directly to the personnel depending on their working position.

Besides the health and safety insructions, safety procedures are being developed, which reflect the legal requirement and are adapted to the needs and the organizational structure of any company.

Depending on the needs and the nature of each company, the following indicative safety procedures have been developed:

  •  Management of work acident,
  • Training provision,
  • Supply and use of personal protective equipment,
  • Management of subvontractors,
  • Evacuation of workplace in case of emergency