ATEX - Explosive Atmospheres


ATEX term is derived from the initials ATmosphere EXplosive. According to the Presidential Decree 42/2003, for the improvement of health and safety of workers potentially exposed at risk from exlosive atmospheres, an explosive atmosphere is defined as the mixture of air with combustible substances, under the form of gases, vapours, mists or dusts, which can ignite under certain operating conditions.



As it clearly outlined in the above mentioned legislation, the employer is obliged to assess the specific risks arising from explosive atmospheres, conduct and update the Explosion Protection Document – ATEX Study.


In the framework of the Explosion Protection Document conduction, the following parameters are assessed:

  • The likelihood of explosive atmospheres' creation and the duration
  • The likelihood of ignition sources' existence and ativation
  • The facilities, the materials used, the methods and potential interactions


Additionally, the Explosion Protection Document includes:

  • The explosion risk (inspection of wequipment e.t.c.)
  • The measures neessary for employees' protection
  • The areas that have been classified in hazardous zones
  • The technical and organizational measures and the areas, in which these measures are applied


The company's experienced experts can guarantee meet the demands of any enterprise in the conduction of the Explosion Protection Document, providing the employer with a significant tool for issues related to explosion protection, both at technical and oranizational level.